Skin Care Article: Summer Beauty Starts from the Inside


Summer Beauty Starts from the Inside

Damaging ultraviolet rays travel the 93 million miles from the sun in 8 minutes to inflict their harm directly on your skin.

You can stop the rays, choose your cover, and lower your lifetime risk for sun damage to unprotected skin. Did somebody say wrinkles?

To help your skin not only survive the hot, hot, hot summer sun but thrive, the beauty experts at Borba offer these sun-protecting tips – starting from the inside out. Here are some of our favorite warm-weather tips for keeping your skin healthy and beautiful:

Take advantage of all the summer fruits and vegetables from your locally grown farmers’ markets. Eat a varied diet high in vitamins A, E and C and essential fatty acids. Studies show that diets high in saturated fat, including meat, butter and full-fat dairy, as well as soft drinks, cakes and pastries increased the likelihood of skin wrinkling.

Don’t forget to wash down your nutritious foods with a big glass of water. In fact, aim for at least 8 to 10 glasses of water a day for the best skin results. Hydration is the name of the game to keep tissues quenched, along with your thirst.

Get out in the warm weather and exercise. Exercise flushes impurities out of your skin and promotes production of sebum, or oil, your skin’s natural moisturizer and enhances blood flow to the skin to enhance your natural glow. With that, who needs to be tan?

Here’s another reason to stop smoking. Smoking constricts blood vessels, reducing blood flow to the skin. It also depletes levels of valuable antioxidant vitamins like vitamin A, increasing damage to the elasticity of the skin, making it appear years older.

Of course, the greatest damage to your skin occurs from the ultraviolet rays of the sun. Few people use sunscreen the right way – apply a generous, overflowing handful every couple of hours, more often if you’ve been swimming or sweating. Apply sunscreen at least 20 minutes before you go into the sun so it soaks in.

New FDA regulations about sunscreen labels are doing away with misleading terms such as “waterproof,” “sunblock” and “all-day protection.” Instead, you’ll find a Sun Alert statement similar to the Surgeon General’s warnings on cigarettes.

If you apply moisturizers in the morning and don’t want to apply another layer of a creamy sunscreen, use a product with a high SPF (at least 15) in the formula.

Seek shade: But even a tight canopy of leaves and branches cannot completely block the sun’s rays and does not fully protect you from harmful sun.

The stress in your life turns up on your face. Relaxation techniques, biofeedback and breathing training can help you cope better with life stresses and reduce their effects on your skin, making it look younger and more vibrant.

Whether you’re camped out in the wilderness, or camped at the ballpark for Little League practice, canoeing down a lazy river or enjoying an outdoor graduation ceremony, take pleasure in the best of the great outdoors without fear that the harsh summer sunshine will take its toll on your skin. Treat your skin right, and you’ll shine brighter than the sun.



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