Milan Fashion Week: Strong Despite a Blow from Anna Wintour


The Milan fashion week started on a low note this 2011 season. Milan has been one, if not the most powerful fashion capitals until the recession hit. The dramatic drop in sales have caused a loss of

jobs for many in the ffashion industry. Shoppers have stepped away from purchases depending on a certain label. This all coupled with the fact that Milan has not introduced any new big fashion stars recently has proved to be hard on the market in Italy.

To add injury to insult, Anna Wintour, the high powered editor of American Vogue, announced before the show that she will only be in attendance for three days. This shortened schedule had all the designers rearranging their shows in order to put their collections in front of this icon. Originally the fashion festival ran from February 24th to March 2nd. But with the announcement of her intentions, Milan attempted to squeeze all they could out of her February 26th-28th visit.

The rescheduled shows created havoc in the city. Traffic issues and a drop in expected restaurant revenues were all left in Anna Wintour’s wake. Hair dressers, seamstresses and make up artists were left frantic. She single handedly changed the face of Milan Fashion Week. Her reputation is world renowned; in fact she provided the inspiration for The Devil Wears Prada character played by Meryl Streep.

The shortened schedule did have a reason. Anna Wintour is a busy woman, she has to travel to France for Paris Fashion Week and then arrive at the Oscars in Los Angeles on March 7th.

In contrast, the officials at Paris Fashion Week would not hear of a change in schedule to accommodate Miss Wintour. Milan may have forgotten its former stance in the fashion world. Although the collections that were shown during the week certainly were worthy of taking a stand against the madness. The houses came out with very strong designs that were a flashback to the height of their reign.

Gucci came out with a refreshingly simple version of the best they have been known to offer. Everything from the color scheme of camel, chocolate, ivory, black and grey to the well cut clothing said elegance. Customers

who look toward Gucci for their classic pieces may very well be back in force.
Dolce & Gabbana had the crowd of over 1,000 people applauding when they ended the show with a cinema sized picture of their in house seamstresses dressed in white coats with tape measures draped around their necks. The entire Dolce & Gabanna show used technology to their advantage. Key themes in this sophisticated line were Sicily, Tailoring, and Black. Those three words and the process the designers took to achieve that look were shown on pre-released YouTube video. In addition, the entire show was streamed live on their website and sent to iPhone.

Finally Donna Versace also stepped up her game with her collection of second skin leather pants cropped to show off ankle wrap boots. Asymmetrical panels of mirrored leather and ribbed knit were added to form fitting dresses and skirts creating a powerful look.

It seems that Milan was ready to be seen this season. The designs were a beautiful return to classic Italian style, impeccable tailoring and sophisticated sensuality.

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Are High End Beauty Products Really Worth It?

In today’s struggling economy, are we really able to justify spending extra money in order to buy some of today’s best and most desirable high end health and beauty products? On the other hand, can we really afford to risk the long term quality of our hair, face, skin and body in order to save a few dollars now? These are the questions that face so many women and men as they try and ride the delicate balance between caring for themselves today with the best professional, anti-aging, spa and other high end beauty products and treatments as opposed to just any old discount shampoo, conditioner or moisturizer, simply to make ends meet.

High end beauty and health lines like Borghese, Chi, Dermalogica, Elemis, Kirsten Florian, Kerastase, and Pevonia offer more than just pretty gift packaging and fancy names. Years of research by the best of the best, allow them to develop the creams, lotions (often organic and usually not tested on animals) and appliances that keep us feeling young, sexy and healthy and better able to deal with the stress and pressures of today’s difficult economic times.

So while it remains a sometimes difficult choice between high end beauty products and discount brands and we certainly don’t suggest you trade off eating or keeping a roof over your head for the latest skin care benefits, we do feel it’s important to realize that what you put on your body, hair and skin today (not to mention SPF protection from the sun), can really make a difference as to how you feel about yourself, and how you will look in the years to come long after this economic crisis is over.

Criteria When Scouting For A Hairsalon

Really practically a given that you might want to maintain flowing hair. Whenever individuals take a look at an individual regarding initially, hair is actually first thing folks observe. Your hair informs men and women you meet up with a lot more regarding anyone and your nature than much of the others regarding that which you put on, it is therefore crucial that your particular ‘look’ is suited to the needs you have. To do this, it is important that you simply find a very good man or woman to keep up hair.

Frizzy hair hair salons and spas as well as stylists are available in a lot of shapes along with varieties. Salons fluctuate according to many elements, including value, the market industry the actual hair and facial salon aims for you to permeate as well as the degree of sophistication from the haircut. In case you simply desire some sort of haircut, visiting any elegant Fort Lauderdale beauty salons will not be this kind of recommended. If you want each of the ‘bells and also whistles’, really want to go to an trendy, stylish beauty salon?

In case you stay in a big city, it’s likely that to have transferred with a stylish beauty salon. Stylish salons and spas are usually higher priced compared to the humble trim-and-wash parlors, despite the fact that you might find your self wrapped up inside a more advanced ‘hair design’ expertise at the fashionable hair and facial salon compared to what you should have received at the regular hair salon. Perks with regard to these types of hair salon clients often consist of free of charge foodstuff, refreshments or possibly a head massage therapy.

The next beauty shop solution may be the old-fashioned small business Ft Lauderdale beauty salons having a hairdressing location, the waiting around region and also occasionally a few mags – practically nothing much more. You may not obtain the the majority of advanced hair style, nevertheless these types of hair salons and spas are generally perfect for all those merely buying haircut, and quite often have got wonderful atmosphere. A few regular salons are generally had by small company entrepreneurs, when browsing the internet others are usually work simply by stores.

Selecting a beauty shop can be quite a tough nevertheless fulfilling decision. Remember, if you feel dissapointed about your final decision after, you can always wait 2-3 weeks as well as opt for a different hair and facial salon. The best thing regarding selecting a hair salon is usually it is normally any reversible a single!

Christmas Gift Ideas Some Helpful Tips When Purchasing Gifts For The Gift Giving Season

Now that Christmas is just around the corner, many are already beginning to prepare for the most awaited gift-giving season. To avoid the hassles and the busy streets during December, it is best to come up with gift ideas beforehand and take time on pondering about the best Christmas gift ideas for both him and her. In fact, the this technique could even come in handy during other events and occasions such as wedding, birthday and Valentines day.

Wondering where to purchase those special Christmas gift ideas from? There are two basic options to choose from. First is to go and visit the brick and mortar stores and spend your whole day searching for great Christmas gift ideas. This sounds nice. However – all too often, your time would be wasted, you’d end up being tempted to buy stuff for yourself instead for your loved ones. And worse is you’d end up going home empty handed.

Or second is to choose the more convenient, hassle-free and accessible option of shopping online. The World Wide Web offers a lot of advantages especially for those you are looking to translate their Christmas gift ideas into physical items. Here are a few to mention:

Infinite Choice. Unlike the brick and mortar stores where shelf space is limited, online stores have endless items to offer to customers. You’ll even get the chance to have options of browsing through filtered categories. This can save you a lot of time, especially if you already have specific Christmas gift ideas in mind. Let’s say, you’d like to be given all the choices of Christmas gift ideas for men, then you may be able to do so in simple click of a button.

Price Comparisons. Online serves a lot of advantage for those who are looking for Christmas gift ideas on a budget. The best way to do this would be to select a few reputable online stores with a wide range of gift ideas selection. Then, compare the prices that they offer on the item you intend to buy. More often than not, you’d be saving money as you’d be surprised to find that other stores do offer items at cheaper prices.

No Pressure Sales. Notice when you shop in brick and mortar stores and couldn’t quite figure out how you came to the decision of buying an item you weren’t at all planning to buy that time? Blame it to the salespeople. This may be a disadvantage as you go shopping for those Christmas gift ideas – as you’d most likely get way beyond your budget. The good news is that through online stores, you don’t have to put up with those as you go Christmas gift ideas shopping. You have all the time in the world to browse through each item and think of which to opt for.

So, why not start gathering good gift ideas today by going online. Who knows, you might even be lucky enough to land on an online shop which can provide you all your gift ideas needs at reasonable prices.



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