How to Look Ten Years Younger


Many women yearn to look and feel like they did in the prime of their youth where flawless skin, radiance and energy were in abundance. As you age you get to the point where it becomes a struggle to look good and takes large amounts of beauty products to maintain a youthful appearance and that is just when talking about your skin. As you age you become more prone to fatty deposits that sit right where they are not welcome and although anti-cellulite products may reduce the appearance of these, it does not take it away completely. Aging is not only limited to the outward appearance but the inner workings of your body too. Everywhere you look there is talk of how you should eat for healthy living, in preventing disease and in weight loss as well, it all comes down to what we put into our bodies.

Advocates Of Raw Eating

The next time you want to go on diet take a look at what the suggested foods are for you to eat. Fruit and vegetables feature at the top of the list of foods to eat and have you ever wondered why this is? Fruit and vegetables can be eaten raw or cooked but are better raw as they lose a lot of their nutrients that contain the goodness, when cooked. They can be eaten anywhere and don’t spoil easily. According to the anti aging advisory our body is like a car battery where electro-chemical actions make the car run and function properly. Our bodies are the battery that runs on the food we consume. Raw foods promote health by encouraging free flowing electrons that vitalize, cleanse, heal and restore bodily functions. These electrons flow from atom to atom and provide life giving reactions throughout the body.

Who wouldn’t want our bodies to function properly with life giving reactions instead of disease promoting clogging? Raw foods are alkaline based whereas cooking and processing changes the chemical makeup of our food destroying the goodness and turning a vast amount of our food acidic and potentially harmful free radicals. Raw foods contain antioxidants which help in destroying the free radicals that float around our bodies and are thus a great preventative in cell damage.

Tips For Eating Raw

In general, when you talk about eating raw, most people can’t envision themselves eating only raw foods and eating fruit instead of candy. The reason for this is that we have become so accustomed to eating foods high in sugar that we can’t see our way clear of ever finding a suitable replacement. If only we could realize that it is the sugars and refined, processed foods that are harming us in the first place. If you speak to anyone that is an advocate of raw eating, they are all of the opinion that you need to start slow until your food palette becomes accustomed to the new flavors assaulting it, in a good way, of course. So what has the research shown?

Research has shown that a group of women who ate at least 6 raw carrots per week reduced their risk of having a stroke by a whopping 68%. That is an astounding figure and one wonders why there are so few people that eat raw. When you eat raw foods it is said to unclog your arteries thus keeping your blood pressure at the level it should be. When you eat raw you transform the lives of your cells which lead to optimum health, you feel energized, it fights disease and keeps you looking young.



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