Best Wedding Dresses For Men


For all people, there are some important and special moments will be passed. And wedding is one of those moments. Wedding is the only special day when a pair or human becomes one and shaped a new family. In their wedding, many women want to be the queen for that day. They will dress their selves up and make their selves looks so beautiful to attract people, especially the groom.


Because the bride will be a queen, you as a groom will be a king then. As the king, you have to dress yourself up into a real king and balance the queen of your wedding day. Being a ‘king’ although only for a day is not easy, you need to get the best wedding suit for yourself. Looking at the catalogue of designer wedding suits for men is very useful. You can see many designs, models, and ideas of designer wedding suits for men then you can choose the one you want for wedding. The most important thing you should remember when you are selecting the wedding suit for men is adjust the wedding suit with the theme of your wedding.


Unless the dress code is casual, a tie is a must. Bowties are definitely making a comeback, and a summer wedding is the perfect occasion to take this look out for a test drive. If you do try the bowtie however, it is best to wear a shirt with a placket to conceal the buttons. You can also stick to a traditional necktie. A satin rendition is always a great formal option. The colour should compliment the suit, the shirt, the man, and the occasion. The tie width can vary as well. Across occasions and dress codes, tie widths should always compliment body shape – a very thin man can wear a narrow tie, while a broader man is best off with a wider tie. The “skinny tie” is a fashion item, rather than a classic. Unless you are trying to achieve a particular look, it is best to stick with a more classic cut tie, while maintaining the aforementioned complimenting suggestions.


Rounding off wedding attire are shoes and belts. For more formal events, black leather oxfords are most appropriate. For a more casual event, you can play around with shoe style and other dark leather colour options or skins. Your belt should either match or compliment your shoe choice. The leather should be in good condition, with a classic and simple buckle. You may also want to think about wearing a pair of suspenders instead of a belt. If this is the case, it is important to make sure that your tux or suit pants have suspender buttons. If not, any tailor can add them on…. please, do NOT wear a clip on version!



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