Best Homemade Face Mask Recipes That Work


Natural Face masks are used to cover the face with a form of a paste, gel or mud for a few minutes before rinsing it. It provides the skin with a very good tone and a fresh feeling, while most face masks are expensive and apply moisturizing and deep cleansing at the same time it might be useful to know that natural face masks are made in such a way that we do not waste a lot of money and use simple ingredients that are present in the home.

Natural Face masks cleanse the pores of the skin deeply by staying over it for a certain time period. They also help in minimizing acne and some even remove the dead skin cells which form a hard, dull and lusterless top. Most of the face masks remain over the skin for a few minutes. It also helps in tightening the skin cells together giving a more brilliant complexion. It also helps in reducing the fine lines and dark marks of threading or hair removals.

Another major reason for the application of facial masks is that whilst applying the paste on the face one tends to have a very soothing feeling. It relaxes the jaw bone and the muscles of the face, improves the circulation which gives a very bright feeling to the face. A bright face will always seem more beautiful.

Different face masks have been evolved over the years which help each type of skin and cater to each type of age groups. But the ones made at home are for all ages and require very low skill to make and apply.

One of the most basic face masks are made with yogurt and olive oil. A paste of it is made and then frozen for 15 minutes. This then is applied over the face for only 5 minutes and then rinsed off. A small amount of salt may also be added to give the skin a stretchy look and that would be perfect for those who like to use make-up.

Some face masks made at home requires a lot of effort to make such as rose and orange face masks. The orange and rose are dipped in syrup made out of sugar for a few days which actually dissolves the fruit and flower into it making it hard syrup. This can now be applied on the skin and then rinsed after 15 minutes. This provides the skin and the lips with a glossy texture without making the skin oily. Another one of the face masks that can be used is the almond oil and peach face mask for dry skins. Dip the peach in almond oil for 2 days and the soaked peach can now be massaged over the face to give a fresh fruity look.

Homemade Natural face masks are inexpensive and easy to make and have been in use for more than a hundred years. Many a face masks now present in the market add some extra chemicals just to give it a special cleansing effect yet they also use the basic ideas and ingredients of the natural face masks.



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